3 min readMay 13, 2022

If you go on Google right now and search “Steps to getting a job in the tech industry”, you will have experts giving you hundreds of dos and don’ts and in all sincerity, they’re mostly right.

The issue with all their many sound suggestions however is that one tends to get confused and overwhelmed. Sometimes there are as many as 15 steps. Where exactly do you begin?

You want to work in top companies in the industry NOW! But it seems everyone else is getting gigs apart from you. All you have to do to be disoriented sometimes is to check your LinkedIn feed. All you see are posts from your connections about their employment in companies you constantly fantasize about working in.

Having checked the several pieces of advice the experts have given on what and what not to do in getting a job in the industry, this author concludes that only two are non-negotiable. These steps may not be exhaustive but they are incredibly important.

The steps are that you know exactly what you’re doing and that you sell yourself to employers. This may not be as technical as you expected, but in all sincerity, it is a summary of the incredible advice online.

A serious techie aspiring to work in great companies is a man or woman who knows his/her onions. It doesn’t mean you must be the very best in the field, it only means you take your work seriously and are not tired of learning.

If you’re a newbie, it’s advisable you help yourself by applying for internship opportunities. Internships help you to garner the requisite knowledge needed for success in your field.

Getting cool jobs in the tech space is dependent on how well you brand and sell yourself. The pros in your field you assume know everything about what you’re into are the few people who have successfully created a brand identity for themselves in the industry. As we say in local parlance “everything na packaging”.

Employers treat you the way you present yourself to them; you can’t submit a shitty portfolio for a job and expect HR Managers to treat you with dignity and respect. Build a superb identity for yourself and see as your dream companies circle you with offers.

It is however highly important in all of these that you understand that making headway in anything at all ultimately depends on your courage and positive mindset.

Sometimes it isn’t so much about how qualified you are for a job as it is about your positive mindset and attitude towards life. Don’t let the precarious and discouraging status quo in Nigeria alter your outlook and perception of life.

You too can and will earn quadruple figures in foreign currencies in a few years. Only keep learning, keep growing and keep selling yourself.

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