Top 10 Tech Skills To Learn in 2023

5 min readFeb 3, 2023

Tech is revolutionizing our world as we know it. What was once considered impossible is now the norm. The ability to interact with people globally from the comfort of your own home and having access to online shopping are just a few examples.

By building a career in tech, you can play a huge role in shaping the future and building these platforms. This article highlights the top 10 in-demand and profitable tech skills to learn in 2023.

Whether you’re looking to switch careers or increase your earning potential, this list is a roadmap to success in the tech industry.

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  2. Cloud Computing (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud)
  3. Cybersecurity (Ethical hacking etc)
  4. Data Science and Analytics (Python, or R, SQL)
  5. Web Development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React)
  6. UI/UX Design
  7. DevOps (Docker, Kubernetes, Git)
  8. Product Management
  9. Mobile App Development (Android, iOS)
  10. Internet of Things (IoT)
  11. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI is essentially when a computer is designed to perform tasks that would typically require human intelligence, such as understanding speech, making decisions, and solving problems. In Machine Learning (ML) however, the computer figures out how to solve a problem on its own. The computer is trained to make predictions or decisions by analyzing data.

According to the World Economic Forum prediction, up to 97 million jobs will be created in the AI field by 2025. AI and ML are in high demand, and the demand is expected to continue to grow in the future.

This means that there are many job opportunities in these fields for those who have the right skills. In addition, AI and ML professionals often command high salaries due to the high demand for their skills.

2. Cloud Computing (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud)

With cloud migration deemed essential by 82% of businesses in their digital transformation, cloud computing is set to become a vital driver of growth and modernization for organizations around the world. With Gartner projecting global cloud spending to reach $591.8 billion by 2023, possessing expertise in this field will give you a distinct advantage in the job market.

3. Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity remains a highly sought-after field for IT professionals. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a huge surge in job opportunities for IT security specialists, with a projected growth rate of 35% from 2021 to 2031. This is 15% higher than the overall technology job growth rate.

4. Data Science and Analytics (Python, R, SQL)

The World Economic Forum’s Future of Work Report 2020 predicts that Data Scientist will be the most in-demand and growing job over the next decade.

As of March 2021, LinkedIn had almost 31,000 job listings for Data Scientists. Data Science is a discipline that transforms information into valuable insights. Data Scientists are game changers in companies, using analytics through Data Science to drive impact.

5. Web Development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Angular)

The demand for web developers is growing at a remarkable pace, and many businesses are seeking to hire them. With the internet’s tremendous growth and the fast adoption of cutting-edge technologies like AI, VR, and blockchain, there’s a high demand for web developers.

Companies need their skills to establish and keep their websites updated, as well as to create new applications and features that cater to changing customer needs.

6. UI/UX Design

The increased utilization of mobile devices and apps has made the ability to create user-friendly experiences for digital product users highly valuable. The UX design industry has grown rapidly in recent years and is expected to see ongoing demand. Glassdoor reports that the average salary of a UX designer in the US is now in excess of $110,000, as companies compete to secure the best talent.

7. DevOps (Docker, Kubernetes, Linux, Git)

DevOps is an improvement over Agile and Lean methodologies, combining dev and ops teams for quicker app release. It leads to faster, more efficient app creation and cost savings. Many companies are adopting DevOps for faster development. The average annual salary for a DevOps professional in the US is approximately $105,017, with senior engineers earning around $160,000.

8. Product Management

Businesses in all sectors are hiring product managers to address post pandemic challenges and launch successful tech products. The demand for product managers remains strong and shows no signs of slowing.

Coding skills are not necessary, with only 30% of product managers having them. Employers value business savvy, customer focus individuals with soft skills such as persuasion, empathy, delegation, and leadership. The average annual pay for a US Product Manager according to Glassdoor is $127,894.

9. Mobile App Development (Android, iOS)

The mobile app development industry creates user-friendly apps for various platforms, including communication, social media, banking, healthcare, and education. With the growth of “smart” technology, demand for app developers is high, with app development companies racing to keep up with customer demands.

The average salary for a Mobile Applications Developer is $77,822, and the industry has seen stability during the pandemic, with no economic impact compared to other industries.

10. Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of physical objects, including devices, vehicles, and appliances, embedded with electronics, sensors, and connectivity to collect and exchange data. The global IoT market was valued at $190 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach $1.1 trillion by 2026, according to Fortune Business Insights.


Acquiring one of the in-demand tech skills listed above is a good starting point whether you’re transitioning to a new career or looking for a high-paying job. This list is based on various resources, including reports from industry experts and research from top companies. Investing in these skills will improve your chances in 2023 and beyond.




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