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Alexander Graham Bell, the man who invented the telephone famously said The only difference between success and failure is the ability to take action.”

Inactivity, especially at times when action is needed, is one underrated factor responsible for immense failures in the lives of individuals and in our society.

It was Napoleon Hill who gave a concise definition of procrastination; he said:

Procrastination is the bad habit of putting off until the day after tomorrow what should have been done the day before yesterday.

In life, there are some ideas and projects that require immediate execution to ensure great results. For instance, in our modern society, tech skill is what everyone must invest in earning. Delay could be tragic.

You may wake up tomorrow and discover a computer on your desk, performing your duties more effectively than you ever could.

Don’t push till tomorrow what needed doing today.

Don’t fall into the habit of getting distracted from doing what requires your immediate action. Don’t learn to code tomorrow, do so now. Don’t build your portfolio next week, do it NOW!

Please don’t apply for that job after launch, do it NOW! Abraham Lincoln says to tell you that:

“Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.”

Put off procrastinating, be full of action.

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