2 min readMay 12, 2022


You’re woken in the morning by the shout of your name from the kitchen. It’s your mum, she’s calling you to come help her pick beans and chop the waterleaf she just bought.

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It’s 11 am, you’ve been sleeping since 8 am when you finished with your daily routine. You lazily picked up your phone for the umpteenth time to check if the lingering ASUU strike had been called off.

You’re excited at a news article talking about the strike, you squint your eyes to read the headline. “ASUU extends strike by 12 weeks”. You sighed in disappointment as you made to go join your mum in the kitchen.

You hardly have time to do anything since you’ve been at home. Your new daily routine is to clean, cook, fetch water, care for your siblings, sleep and watch movies. You spoke with your friend in a private uni yesterday, she said she’s wrapping up with her project. You’re frustrated, bitter, and angry at the very hopeless situation of the strike.

Dear reader, you may know this young adult described above, or maybe that’s what you’ve been going through since you’ve been forced out of school by the lingering strike. We only write to encourage you to make good use of this time, don’t waste away as your contemporaries are making incredible advances all over the world. Maximize this time by learning in-demand tech skills.

Stop that TV series you’re engrossed in, put aside that video game you’re using to kill time. In fact, you should stop killing the time; put it to good use. Wake up and smell the coffee friend, you aren’t getting any younger. Many of us who suffered severely at the hands of ASUU regretted not doing something worthwhile with the time.

The twelve additional weeks of strike can be the turnaround you need in your life and career. The world is going techie, don’t end school and start looking for jobs, you’ll only have yourself to blame. Here in Univelcity we specialize in helping you learn relevant and trending tech courses that will make you capable of handling financial responsibility in a matter of months.

Don’t let ASUU strike spoil your joy, skill up NOW!


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