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Tech skills are the newest hotcake in the employment space. Everyone craves slices of this hot, delightful cake. The trend today is people dropping out of school to learn tech skills.

Passionate boys and girls temporarily forgo the luxury of youthfulness to garner what they believe will make them comfortable and respected in no time.

But things are not as they were in the field. What we had before was employers lining up to take you in as long as you wield a skill. Although the jobs are still there today, there are several qualified gurus to fill the roles.

With this new order, we have come up with some succinct advice for you to thrive as you begin your journey in the tech industry. We’ve had several situations where people come for inquiries and what they are concerned about is what skill can help them make money within the shortest time.

Money is most people’s motivation for pivoting into the tech space and that’s understandable, after all, who doesn’t like some cool cash? But you can’t attain enduring success in the industry if money is your sole priority.

Over and above money, you must research and discover where your passion lies in the field; is it design, data, coding, or writing? When you discover and follow this path, the money will surely accompany you.

“It is critical that a learner follow their passion instead of chasing what they believe to be the hottest niche in IT.”

Anthony Sequeira

As a newbie with the desire to do great things in the industry, you must be hungry, enthusiastic, and passionate about your chosen field. You mustn’t be intimidated, you mustn’t limit yourself, and you mustn’t sell yourself short. All the great guys also started like you.

Be humble, learn all you can, and don’t be afraid to contribute and or make mistakes. What is most important is for you to learn from your mistakes.

There will be days when you’ll feel hopelessly frustrated, sad, and burdened. When this time comes, encourage yourself and find solace in your drive.

Don’t fall into the error of most techies by letting tech consume your life and existence. Tech sometimes is like a drug, when you’re hooked, you won’t ever get enough of it.

Don’t be so addicted that you neglect your social and emotional wellbeing. Being techie doesn’t mean you must be a snob or antisocial, do well to live a balanced life.

Finally, do yourself the help of getting a mentor. A go-to person who you know can guide, motivate, and support you. You can’t last long without a mentor; you’ll realize that sometimes all you need is just a little push, and who better to help at that than a mentor?

“If you cannot see where you are going, ask someone who has been there before.” — J Loren Norris


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